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Kotka Human Rights Film Festival



Raed Ghanoom


Tomi Purovaara


Ghatfan Ghanoom

Wafa Ameli


Our team consists of passionate and skilled individuals who share a strong commitment to promoting human rights and the power of film to change the world. Each member brings their own unique expertise and perspective, enriching our work in diverse ways.

Kari Makkonen


Film and art have tremendous power to inspire, encourage and condemn injustice.

The Kotka Human Rights Film Festival is an international event where human rights are discussed through visual storytelling.

Together with international experts, we study human rights interdisciplinary, share our knowledge and learn from each other. The four-day festival presents films dealing with humanity and human rights, creates new perspectives and approaches, and builds a platform for the center and networking of cultural actors, film industry professionals, and representatives of activists and non-governmental organizations.

Kotka Human Rights Film Festival (KHRFF) returns as a hybrid festival to the heart of Kotka on November 24-27, 2023. For four days, the festival presents stories from different parts of the world. Stories that deal vividly with human action, social and political 

fundamental issues such as democracy, justice, freedom and environmental protection.  In the discussion sessions and panels of the festival, we hear the views and stories of filmmakers, activists and experts.

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