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The Kotka Human Rights Film Festival offers a diverse selection of films that address human rights themes from various perspectives. The festival's film lineup includes documentaries, dramas, and animations, each offering a touching and thought-provoking story.

The films are carefully selected based on their artistic quality, relevance of content, and exploration of human rights themes. The festival aims to provide a diverse look at different cultural perspectives and stories that evoke deep empathy and understanding in the audience.

Now is the perfect opportunity for artists to apply to the Kotka Human Rights Film Festival! We invite all talented filmmakers and artists to share their stories and perspectives on human rights themes. By participating in the festival, you can influence the audience and spark important discussions about societal issues. Seize the opportunity and submit your project details to be part of the festival's remarkable program!


Familiarize yourself carefully with the rules of the Kotka Human Rights Film Festival and ensure that your project aligns with the themes and principles of the festival.

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